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Sweets from Heaven

Mall of Arica, Midrand; East Rand Mall; Baywest mall, Port Elizebeth; Wild Coast Sun, Kwa-Zulu Natal; Sun City; Watercrest mall Kloof, Durban; Mykonos Casino, Eastern Cape.   



We created a new 'Nostalgic craft look' for the Heaven group. We created a neutral background with white face brick with candyfloss pink grouting. This neutral background was chosen to emphasize the colorful product.  We hung nostalgic photographs of children indulging in sweets, popcorn, and ice-cream, creating a "wonder years," nostalgic feeling to the store.


We achieved the craft look with the white face brick, OSB board & pink powder-coated steel pegboards, frames, and other elements.


We also brought in the Heavenly by open the ceiling and hanging clouds, which are lit by LED which fade between the colors of the rainbow, installing a Rainbow lightbox, the use of wings on the point of sale and creating our very own Elevator to Heaven.  Why, how else would the sweets get from Heaven to earth?


We also brought in playful elements like the colorful hopscotch flooring, and display swings and a Candy Craft station.


In order to display the product correctly and in the most attractive manner, we back lit the pick & mix unit, illuminated all the shelves and created a Popcorn display counter.


All in all we had a lot of fun and the product success speaks for its self.



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