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While outside things may be chaotic, our home is our constant, to the safety of our hobbit holes we can return, to engage our world as we will have it.  Home, where we embrace family, savor luxury and entertain guests.  Home becomes an extension of self and an expression of the individual.  The place where one can be oneself, and safely express oneself.

Through play, inside will help you discover this magical world that many of us have forgotten, to rediscover your creative self.  We will facilitate the journey of discovery in creating your unique space, your home.

We understand that homeowners do not always agree with the best course of action.  At Inside we invite the entire family to be part of the design process, we have learnt that a successful home is one that can incorporate the needs of the members sharing the space. We act as mediator when working together with the whole family unit.

We at Inside through years of experience understand the complexities of home renovations.  Many of the complications that occur on a project are from a lack of collaboration and communication between the client,  the architect, the project manger and the relevant contractors.  From the word go we try our utmost to ensure that we are first on your page and that you completely understand the design and building process.  We will also produce sketches and 3-D models in order to assist you, the client in understanding the design to ensure you are completely satisfied with the it before the first brick is laid.  

We then translate the design into comprehensive working drawings which we then send out for tendering.  We will then present the client with a compressive breakdown, costing and program for the entire project, so from the outset you can ascertain the total cost of the project thereby minimizing the possibility of later hidden costs.

Due to our planning and  collaboration with our contraction team, we ensure that your project is completed within budget  and within the anticipated timeline.  Saving you time, money and frustration.



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