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INSIDE design services

Our Services are broken down into three stages​

PLAY. DESIGN. EXIST - we can assist our clients with all or part of the design process

PLAY - Design conceptualizations 

  • Receive and interpret brief from client & prepare a quote with a scope of relevant services.

  • Prepare a concept board - Gather ideas and develop a design concept from various design resources. The purpose of this stage to gain a deeper understanding of the style and concept relevant to the clients brief and to assist in developing a particle interior feel and look.

  • Follow up meeting - were concept board is presented.

  • Site survey & drawn up existing site.

  • The develop concept drawings of the particular site. Designing of Interior, including but not limited to; space planning, wall layout, demolition considerations, flooring finishes, furniture layout & design of unique bespoke furniture, ceiling layout and lighting finishes.

  • Presentation of concept design to client which consists of a 3-d model, Layout plan, relevant elevations & finishes board. 

  • The Design process is not a perfect science, it is more similar to a journey. Play can result in a give & take between client and designer until the satisfactory design concept is discovered. This can result in returning to the drawing board.  If INSIDE team miss interpreted the brief, INSIDE will return to the drawing board and endeavor to create a design that is to the satisfaction of the clients. - We have not disappointed any of our clients, Yet . . . ;)

DESIGN- Submission and Working drawings


  • INSIDE’s team will produce full drawing pack drawings for Centre management approval. Including:

    • 2.1.1 Floor & Fixtures plan fully dimensioned

    • 2.1.2 Floor finishes plan

    • 2.1.3 Electrical Plan 

    • 2.1.4 Reflected Ceiling plan

    • 2.1.5 Interior Elevations

    • 2.1.6 Shop front Elevation

    • 2.1.7  A set of colored Perspectives to illustrate to Interior Design

    • 2.1.8 Details of services within ceiling void coordinating with one another and with primary building services were applicable.

    • 2.1.9 Finishes board either physical or electronic.  

    • 2.1.10 Signage details

    • 2.1.11 Fire escape plan were relevant 

    • 2.1.12 A/C and sprinkler plan were relevant

    • Full set of drawings for construction in addition to drawings in 2.1

    • 2.2.1 Complete set of Shop fitting drawings of all bespoke furniture and shoplifting units.

    • 2.2.2 Finishes schedule

    • 2.2.3 Furniture schedule of all sourced items

  • Produce drawings for Council submission & handle the council submission process.

  • Council submission fee for 2015 R13,20/m2 for business and minimum R2100 + 5% of total cost for final inspection.

EXIST - Project Management



The appointment of INSIDE as the client's sole agent. To supervise the entire project and ensure the project is built in accordance with the designer's specifications.

  • Sourcing, sending out all technical drawings relevant contractors, sub-contractors, manufactures and suppliers.  Namely:

    • Shop fitter

    • Shop front installer

    •  Signage manufacturer 

    • Electrician

    • Plumber

    • A/C Installer

    • Sprinkler installer

    •  Alarm installer

    • Cabling & Networking

    • Flooring installer.

    • Other

  • After receipt of quotes from all parties, 

  • Create a detailed estimate with a pie chart showing the total expense of the project.

  • After estimate is approved by the client 

  • We will appoint, co-ordination & managing of all contractors & suppliers to ensure that all work is completed to designers & clients standards.  Co-ordinate with cent management.  Approve all payments that client needs to make to suppliers or contractors.

  • Create program for the project and distribute to all relevant parties. 

  • Site visit appropriate to the needs of the particular project.  

  • Sign over the site to client on completion of the project.  Create snag list and ensure all snags are addressed within 10 working days after the contractor moves off site.

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