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Inside designed the 500m2 new head office for Lulaway a rapidly growing young job creation company.

They wanted a new home for their 150 employees. With a distinctively African, young funky feel. 

Lulaway run over 200 job centres in 9 provinces. Located within local communities, these job centres allow youth to access jobs at little or no cost. These job centres connect young people with work opportunities, without requiring them to incur high transport costs. There advanced technological platform provides an easy-to-use interface for job seekers and employers, aiming to address the mismatch between skills and vacancies. They have recently added work-readiness training provides young people with the skills to secure, but more importantly, retain jobs.


They have made a great impact on thousands of lives, they have so much more to do. They believe that sustainable youth job creation is the primary driver of change and we will continue changing South Africa, one job at a time.

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