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Nestled in the neighborhood of Atholl, Sandton is a unusual Japanese styled home. Inside had the challenge of synergizing  a contemporary style while maintaining traditional Japanese authentic in the home.

The new design of the kitchen maintained the clean lines of Japanese architecture utilising modern materials , and the finishes maintained the traditional coloring of the house which integrates both schools of Japanese architecture.  The “colourless aesthetic”, which incorporates the natural colours of natures beige and grey and the other school which incorporate bright colours.  One representing the moon and its shades the other world of light and the sun.


The design of the bar, entertainment area and Japanese garden held true to simplicity and naturalness.  The design included clean lines, it is elegant and the most part understated.  The garden included new decking, two new ponds with a meandering river, rocks, gravel, paths,  and stepping stones .

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