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Say the word dentist, immediately thoughts a 


We were requested to assist a most wonderful dental couple. We endeavored to re-invent the dental practice - We moved away from the focus on teeth and the pain associated with the dental experience. Our focus, the smile.  The focus on the dentist, a caring artisan who gives us back the ability to connect on the most human level, the smile. The dental couple are both committed runners - hence we assisted in the rebranding of there studio to the extra sMILE, a motto that they both live by in their life and,  practice. The surgery was renamed to the dental the studio.


We focused on creating a spa-like experience. Calmly music flows through the corridors, with ash framed TV screens are placed above the patients practice dental chairs, displaying soothing and calming nature scenes. 


The use of warm materials, Ash, vinyl wooden flooring, beautiful natural wallpaper and a hint of natures green splashed though-practice.


The design is warm, homely yet sophisticated. All attempts were focused on the patient's peace of mind and the comfort of the dentists and staff.

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