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We create places where we can grow together. Places that connect us to each other and the pure pulse of existing and existence. Places to engage community & family.  Places where we can live & love.

Why did a successful South African Interior designer make Aliyah?

I believe in excellence, and I believe the nature of the land of Israel pushes people to become the best they can be. I would like to share my skills and 20 years of experience and collaborate with my clients where we can grow together. We can create places that connect us to each other and the pure pulse of existing and existence. Places to engage community & family.  Places where we can live & love. 

Inside Story

Gary has been in the design industry for over 20 years, and he runs a Jerusalem based Interior-Architectural design studio. The modern sophistication found in his work is a result of what Einstein called a "the holy curiosity." A Curiosity of space, form, material, and what can be achieved in fresh combinations.    That curiosity extends into our client's desires, needs, and wishes. Gary’s art is transforming our clients brief into a sophisticated modern and functional space.


Gary was attracted to the art world from a young age, growing up in a home whose walls were littered with South Africa’s finest artists, Irma Stern, Van Ache, William Kentridge, and Alexis Preller, just to name a few. Gary was painting and sculpting from a young age; the outlet of art helped me sort and deal with life’s complexities. When he finished my schooling, he opted to pursue a career in the arts. Emanating from a family entrenched in business, fine art was ruled out as no respectable businessman would support his son’s career in a profession that had a bleak financial future.  So he managed to convince his father to support his studies in Interior Design – It promised a clean, creative, and challenging future.  As a young idealist, Gary fancied the idea of an Interior designer in pursuit of the ideal aesthetic.  


During the pursuit of the ideal aesthetic, Gary found the interior design of buildings was limited, and he began a path of perfection of a different interior, my own.   This led Gary to the path of perfection of the intellect and the discovery of my ancestral roots- in Jerusalem.  He returned to S.A after seven years of deep studies and contemplation. After completing his Interior Design course at The Design Centre, the need for a career became the focus of his attention. Gary joined the family business the largest supplier of steel window, door and door frames in Southern Africa Duro Pressings in 2006.  The function was defined as Group Designer and as such responsible for all the groups, office interior designs, as well as showrooms, fell on my shoulders. This was later extended to work on the team responsible for all new product designs. Following that he was charged with running a division of Duro, Windcolor manufacture of exclusive cold rolled steel windows.


All this time in Jerusalem and at Duro Gary was privileged to continue his design career by taking on independent design projects. This experience in working in a large business gave me deep insight into the operational and functional needs of his clients’ businesses. The client’s investment into their space has to translate into profitability for their company.


Gary now has the privilege of weaving these different life experiences into the holistic approach of INSIDE, interior design studio.  An approach that is sensitive to human condition and interactions, a sensitivity to the longings of the human soul. Yet these experiences developed an approach that understands the values of the bottom line and profit.


Weaving is what we do best at INSIDE, we weave the past into the future, we weave the clients desires with authentic, material, art, and raw passion.

Our Value's


We do what we love to do & art emerges through our work that flows from Existence itself.


We have faith in ourselves and are faithful to our gifts.  We never pretend to be. We are always honest & transparent as we can be.


We strive and seek out the highest standards and quality in our designs and collaborate with only the highest artisans to ensure the design is never compromised.


We constantly push the boundaries of accepted space & design in search of the fresh and new.  We accept all projects have their challanges - we get it done and we do it well.


We try new things, we challange convention, and we are not scared to fail.

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