Why did a successful South African Interior designer make Aliyah?

I believe in excellence, and I believe the nature of the land of Israel pushes people to become the best they can be. I would like to share my skills and 20 years of experience and collaborate with my clients where we can grow together. We can create places that connect us to each other and the pure pulse of existing and existence. Places to engage community & family.  Places where we can live & love. 

Inside - INSIDE

We are a Jerusalem based Interior-Architectural design studio. The modern sophistication found in our work is a result of what Einstein called a "the holy curiosity." A Curiosity of space, form, material, and what can be achieved in fresh combinations.    That curiosity extends into our client's desires, needs, and wishes. Our art is transforming our clients brief into a sophisticated modern and functional space.

 We PLAY in retail, commercial, and residential spaces.


We simplify our services into three easily definable stages:



Design Conceptualization




Submission & working drawings



Project Managment



In understanding our client's products and business, we create the optimum space for branding their product, selling their wares & providing a memorable customer experience.


We create distinct and functional working environments that embodies the philosophy, vision and brand of your company.


We create HOME's, places to live fully in, places to play in. Space's that reflect your unique life, love's and passions.